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Friday, October 2, 2009

Some days..

Some days you wake up and t he sun is shinning the birds are chirping the air is crisp and and refreshing....

Some days you awake, and it is cold, your hearing is distorted, confusing, you wake up in a daze. Your can't get the sleep out of your eyes, you hear something yet you can't make it out - muffled noises. Struggling to get your eyes open you see a dim lite. It is cold and dark, damp and musty... Your lips are dry and your throat feels like sandpaper, you lick your lips to no avail. Your wits are no where to be found, finally you come to your senses you scramble to your feet, falling and shaking a bit along the way. shake the mucus around in your head, rub your eyes... Walk a few painful steps to the bathroom, holding onto anything you can get your hands on - just to control your balance, just to keep your feet under you. Get your achey body and mind to the bathroom, reach for the faucet, pull the handle in your direction and listen for a brief second to the water pour out. Cup your hands making a basket to catch some of that ice cold water to splash on your face and as the drips splatter off of your nose and hit the floor, the sink, the cat who is ramming his head against your leg looking to be pet, everything is getting wet - you are a mess -- shake it off and look in the mirror and say ' it is going to be another good day'.

Friday beeeyotches!!!
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Jess said...

You're awesome!