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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Stepping out of the front door you can feel the chill hit you in the face. The chill in your toes, and in your bones, down your spin and into your core.. The smell of the heater still hovering in your nose. Your ear lobes let you know that you are ill prepared for the weather today. As your eyes drip a tear and you take a step further - your knees ans ankles give a familiar throb just to say hey fella the seasons are changing. You pass the bleak flower beds as you fumble for your car keys, thinking to yourself that morning trips to the market for milk and eggs are surely the best. I can almost taste the cinamon raison french toast sandwich that will provide me with enough sugar and carbs to get me well into the afternoon. Shaking the cold out of my eyes I come to my car and see it - right there in front of me - clear as day - from out of nowhere - clearly not expected - effing frost on my car! FROST. WTF - FROST. Dang it. I gotta scrap this shit off! DANG IT.
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Lora said...

but now it's gorgeous outside.
crazy indian summer