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Monday, April 27, 2009

What I am doing...

Its Saturday and 80 degress. Wifey is outside picking weeds, and I am prepping some chicken to bbq tonight. BANG. More to the point I am not picking weeds!!! And even more to the point I am getting ready to grill and eat outside, I love it! I have the top 25 most played rocking the itunes right now - the only thing missing is the beans, she is at the park with mommom, ugh. Nuff said about that.

Now Sunday another 80 degree day. Standing at my back door admiring my well manicured lawn. Nana and poppop are over for dinner, grandpaw is on his way and uncle john is loading up some songs on his ipod. It is a good day. Not really sure what else someone could ask for?

Some people say that you need to be striving for something or have some great mountain to climb or obstacle to overcome to have a good blog. Well her at PJs house all is good, all is well and I certainly can't complain about anything except for a lack of sleep, and hey that has been two years and I am adjusted. Its all gravy!
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Emmie said...

whhhop sounds like a pretty contented life to me! Lucky you! x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

I'm not even going to tell you what the weather was like here.

Jess said...

As always, your weekends sound great! Lucky you – nice weather and some BBQ. I wish!!

Emma said...

I don't think that blogs necessarily have to have some big sob story or drama to make them good. I love hearing about everyday contentment!