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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How do you --

Seperate yourself from the pack? Do you work harder? Do you work smarter? Are you funnier? Friendlier? What do you do that makes you the person that you are? Everyone knows that this economy stinks. Job security is low, and people each day are feeling the 'burn'. Do you work longer hours? Why are you not getting cut next? I think you have to learn more. Take this time and study. Make yourself a better worker bee, make yourslef a better boss, know the staff, know the product, know the clients, do your homework, and make shit happen. Also, it can't hurt to knock on wood, touch blue to make it true, and say a little prayer.
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Jen - tsk said...

were they all song lyrics?

Anonymous said...

In my job, you can work can't really work alone. You need to be part of the team.

Jess said...

Supposedly, the place where I live is the only province that isn't being effected by this recession. I actually just put in a request to work LESS hours each week...and now you have made me feel guilty for this!

Lora said...

I have this little rule that I don't do anything that I wouldn't want someone else to do.

If I was the boss of me, would I like what I turn out?

Would I like to listen to someone say the things that I say? Watch someone do the things that I do?

If the answer is no, I keep it on the inside. (or blog about it).

I think it helps

Hudu said...

Nice article. I enjoyed to read this=)

Emmie said...

I dont let any of it get to me. I am guessing I am one of the lucky ones here in the UK as I dont own a house, I rent off a Housing Association so my rent is low, I dont have many bills, I am not working so there is no need for me to be competitive. The only thing that did get me down was looking for a job for about 6 months with a handful of unsucessful interviews. Being a stay at home mum for 4 years put me low on the employment list. I have now decided to sit back and enjoy my kids again. I wont aloow the financial climate dictate how I live my life. x