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Monday, April 6, 2009


This was my weekend with nothing planned, a clean slate as they say. Until the phone rang. My mom asked for us to visit as the easter bunny was going to be in her village of shops, and she would make lunch. That is an hour and a half ride to go see here, 3 hours wasted in the car. Wifey remembered she had had to be at the junior prom saturday night. Sunday we wanted to go to a friends babtism, weekend.gone. Whew, very relaxing. Wifey and I always talk about what the heck we did before the beans was around. How much time we wasted watching tv or sleeping. Now that we have a child and the grandparents have a grandchild we are in high demand. Of course we have our friends who sometimes seem to take a backseat, and that stinks. One thing extra thrown into the loop and the whole thing is thrown out of whack. How do you prioritize to get thru the weekend? I know that over the past two years I have lost contact with a few friends. Some really good people, and people that I would like to have in my life, yet time still goes by and another weekend goes by without seeing them. Thank goodness for email and facebook. If I could ever figure out twitter who knows what could happen.
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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm not sure about twitter myself.

I find that I rarely talk to my friends with kids. They are just so busy.

Try and make time for old friends. They would appreciate it.

Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

Email is my saviour and I use Twitter like it's going out of fashion!! If I didn't have email I probably wouldn't catch up with friends from one week to the next!

Use Twitter, it's great! x

Jess said...

Twitter kind of makes me laugh - no way you can be out of contact with someone who's on that.

Weekends always go by too quickly, never enough time to do all the things you want to do, see all the people you want to see. No advice to offer there - just a statement!

Anonymous said...

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