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Monday, April 20, 2009


My Saturday went pretty much as perfect as possible. Woke up and went to my favorite diner for breakfast with my favorite ladies. Hit the depot for some flowers, gardening tools for the beans, some dora gloves, and headed home to grab my gear to go play some b-ball for the first time in three years. Hit the court for a little over an hour with no major injuries - win! Got home and wifey was putting the beans down for a nap, so I huslted the lawn mowing, showered and off to the store we went for some fixins for dinner. Steaks, potatoes, zuchini, and wine. Nana and pop pop came over for some dinner and some great company. About this time my back started to feel it a bit, a little twinge here and there nothing a glass of wine couldn't handle. Then the quads just started to stiffen up a little, the calves started to get a bit twingie as well.

After dinner I was pretty darn sore everywhere except the knees. I expected the knees to be in pain, not my back, my quads, my hands, my calves, and my feet. Nothing quite like not playing basketball for 3 years, two torn ACLs, and father time working against you. All in all a great day and I don't feel that bad today. Although tonight is a running night, we will see what happens.
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Adriana said...

Sounds like it's IB Profen time.

jen - tsk said...

This whole getting old thing doesn't sound like much fun (good job i'm regressing!) x

Anonymous said...

Ouch! At least the knees were spared!

Jess said...

Sounds like a good day, despite the little bit of pain! Good luck with your run night!

jen - tsk said...

Hey, I've tagged you for an award!! Run, quick, check it out! x