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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The bathroom aint just for 1s and 2s anymore!

I am pretty sure this is a modern phenomina, yet the restrooms seem to be more active than ever before! I swear that whenever I go to the mens room that I can hear the buttons of cell phones beign pushed, tv being watched, and blogging being done. This is the age of blackberrys and iphones and multimedia devices, and hey why would that not translate to the lavatories. The days of bringing in a newpaper or magazine are over.
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Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

I laughed because it's so true!! We have TVs in restrooms here and I frequently check my emails / blog whilst in the ladies!! X (p.s I've purchased my new domain but not moving just yet!)

Anonymous said...

LOL I hope everyone washes their hands really well!

Jess said...

Is nothing sacred anymore?! I always feel really uncomfortable being in a public washroom when there is someone in the next stall over talking on her cell phone. There are certain moments where I feel it's ok to be disconnected from the outside world. While taking a pee is one of those times.