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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crazy talk

I am driving my wife absolutely bonkers! I was laid off for 5 months
and felt that I NEEDED to get back to work, NEEDED. I had a few job
offers and took one that I thought was a good fit for myself and my
family. After a month, I have come to realize the job itself is good,
the people are idiots, and the commute sucks big donkey balls! I
spend a minimum of two hours on my commute each day, minimum. Usually
it is close to three. Now that is three hours I could spend with my
beautiful wife and the beans. That three hours is precious. That
three hours is why I have am interview tomorrow and why I NEED to stop
switching jobs ( such is life as a salesperson). Family first folks!
But in order to have the option of time you need to have the coin to
take care of the family. Such is life.

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