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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Drive in...

The drive in to work was kind of brutal today. I am here a bit early
ready to get my blogging straight. I can't tell you that i wasn't
Teary eyed for a good bit of my commute. Now I know what wifey had to
deal with going back to work. I always knew it was hard for her,
really hard or her. Now I know that it is really hard for me. I
guess that is some of what makes a good parent. To quote a good band
" it is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday." the beans asked my why
I was dressed up today and I said that daddy had to go to work. Her
reply was, well, who is gonna take care of me? When I told her nana
and pop pop were back on duty she was pretty excited and started to
pack all of the toys that she wanted to take with her. She gave me
hugs an kisses, cheeks an noses, butterflies and eyebrows, pounds and
hi fives- and then I made her do them all again.

Wish me luck! I am back to the grind!

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