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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is real

This entire work thing seems pretty backwards to me. I am sitting
here drinking my tea, shirt and tie on, while looking out of the
window. The grass is back and I can see some green on the trees. I
want to sit here all day and explain to the beans all of what is going
on outside. Explain why the birds are back and the squirrels are full
of hustle. Heck, probably even take a nice long walk. Instead of
that I am going to hustle out of my door and get my little car in line
with all of the other cars to take me to a place that I am still
deciding if I want to be there or not. This work thing is getting in
the way of life. It is necessary, and even sometimes rewarding, yet
not what I like to deam as the important part of my day. The hours
spent with family are where the life part happens. It is only
Wednesday, awesome.

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