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Friday, April 2, 2010

The sun

I love to wake up really early everyday! Yes, I am one of THOSE
people. I love to be up and moving before you are! I get a kick out
of seeing the sun rise, the dew glisten. I remember an old army
saying ( must have been a comercial or something), we do more before
the sun rises, than you do all day. I love it. I love being
productive first thing in the am. I get a thrill out of knowing that
you are still aleeping and I am getting it done. In my younger days I
would work out, as in be at the gym by 5:00am. When wifey an I were
dating she would call me at 4:45am to tell me to have a good workout.
The kicker was she was walking into her gym to go swimming. Nothing
better than driving to work after a fantastic workout and seeing
people that are slugging their coffee to get moving. HA. I also
don't mind going to bed early, wifey stays up late. I guess I just
need more sleep. My point is get your ass up out of bed and make it
happen. Time is precious.

Happy Friday

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