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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mommy Bloggers

I have no friggin clue how mommy bloggers do what they do. Supposedly stay home and watch the kid(s), do their own blogging, read and comment on tons of blogs and get the household stuff done. I have been laid off for about a month or so now and I am EXHAUSTED everyday. The beans and I hangout and get our stuff done, I am even getting pretty good at doing her hair. I am taking advantage of every minute that we get to spend together, yet I am not blogging much not reading much and almost getting the housework done. By housework I mean: the dishes, straightening up, running the vaccum, and cleaning the bathrooms. The only reason I get any of that done is because nana and pop pop take her to play group and music class. By 6pm PJ is Dunzo! Now throw in this World Series thing and the Phillies and I am practically zombie-a-fied. So, any advice would be great! Thanks in advance.
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Adriana said...

Wow, you clean the bathroom and run the vacuum everyday? That is crazy.

Lora said...

I secretly picture the majority of mommy bloggers putting the brats in front of the television so they get their computer thing done.

"not now, junior! mommy is working! go play!"