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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Waking up ...

Waking up is hard to do. I can barely open my eyes and I hear the click click click of my wifes shoes accross our wood floor. I can see that our room is still dark, and with a strain of lifting my right eyelid I can see that my bedroom door is cracked and wifey is in the other bathroom getting ready for work. The morning light shinning in the window on my right is more of a bright fuzz than sunlight. The might apollo is radiating heat that makes me oh so warm and comfy. Prying my left eye open I see that the beans worked us over again in the middle of the night and she is hogging most of the bed, and yes radiating heat to make me more snuggly and comfy. I close my eyes once more and nod off for just one second - to wake up to a cold nose pressed against mine. I open my eyes to see a set of eyes staring back at me. ' Good Morning Daddy, what cha wanna do today.'. Ahhh, another perfect day awaits me. Nothing beats the morning breath of a two year old. Or the non transitionary period at which she wakes up. One second asleep and the next wide awake ready to go. Let us seek the day and what it holds for us.
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