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Friday, January 29, 2010


It is Friday morning and it is really cold here in Philly. I come
down from my bedroom after a quick shower, with my sneakers in my hand
And two pair of socks on. Yea it is that cold. My hands an feet are
cold all of the time and I feel like an 80 years old lady who just is
never warm enough. I keep planning on getting to th doc as my 3
little toes on my left foot go numb from time to time. For some
reason I always feel busy. I spend a few days per week job hunting
and have come up with a fist full of nothing. I am on monster,
carrerbuilder, simplyhired, hcareers, and my linkedin account is on
hyperdrive to no avail. Certain days it is tough to stay positive
especially the days when you get interviewed by some knucklehead who
isn't as qualified as you and you know you are no getting the job.
Another position where they offer 35k like a swift kick to the balls,
and say if you want to make more money you have to hustle. Sooner or
later I am gonna take that kick to the balls and be happy with it.
That time isn't now, yet it gets closer and closer. I can see the leg
pulling back ready to release. I wonder how it will feel. You know,
the day when I let someone kick me in the balls and I just stand there
and grin and bear it. It is funny to say it or to write it, it will
be just really fucking hard to do it. To just take it, swallow my
pride and take it.

Positive thinking = positive reward. It is another great day that
I get to spend more time with the beans than I could ever imagine.
Another cold day in paradise. I will check my email fervantly and
hope one with the silver lining comes in.

Enjoy your day! I know I will!

I have to get my hands in my pockets they are freezing!

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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Good luck with the job hunt!