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Monday, January 11, 2010

Home alone

Wifey was at a baby shower about an hour away from ou home yesterday.
So that is two hours travel and too many hours doing shower stuff. It
is freezing outside and we stayed in all day yeterday, that is what is
called a recipe for dissaster. The Beans wore me out. Being with her
or I would assume any little one isn't so bad when you can go outside
and run around. Stuck inside for the better part of last week and all
day Sunday really put us both at wits end. She now does this 'baby
kitty' thing that drives me nutso. It is really cute from time to
time, yet for a few hours it will make you want to hit the bottle.
She crawls around meowing and talking in a baby voice and calls me
daddy kitty. Add to that Santa brought a bitty baby with him this
year, so in theory I have to take care of the Beans and the bitty baby
whenever baby kitty decides that bitty baby needs anything.
Sweeeeeet! We dressed undressed feed changed diapers changed onesies
you name it we did it and did it again. Playoff football no sir -
dress up and playing with the dollhouse. That is just how I roll
people you have to have priorities in order! It was a long day, and
thank gosh I cherish every minute of it. And thank goodness that
wifey understands and let's me detox from the baby kitty when she gets

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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Kids have such imagination. I remember making my dad babysit my dolls. Hope baby kitty doesn't drive you too crazy.