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Thursday, May 6, 2010


I know, I know. It has been far too long. Far far far too long. Well to sum up. I left the old job for the new job and was told that I don't start the new job for two weeks. Yes! Or NO! I have been spending nothing but great, fabulous, amazing quality time with the beans- and not making any coin. I/we have had a rough year for daddy making any bank and holding down a good job. I sure feel like I failed in the working category this year. I however excelled like a mo fo in the daddy category.

Nothing better than changing the night time pullup and leaving it on the counter for the entire day.

I really don't have much for you guys. I did the broad street run 10 mile ' race ' ( I don't consider it much o a race if I don't have a chance to win). Rx7 pulled away from me the last two miles or so, and ended up beating me by about 10 minutes or so. I always have a rough last mile and a half, no matter how good of shape I am in. Kudos to him!

Date night on Friday night!!!!! Wifey and I are going to be at the Phillies game so look fo me being tasered on the field in the 7th inning. Hopefully, we see a good game. It will be the beans first night sleeping out, and I am really looking forward to sleeping in Saturday am. I might actually sleep till like 7am. Heck, it isn't am absurd idea to think that 8am is not out of reach.

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Jess said...

So, did you sleep in until 7am??

Congrats on the should be proud of yourself. Nice to accomplish something, don't you think?!