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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday night

Finished reading the first Twilight book that wifey left behind. Got the tube on watching Pedro pitch for the Phillies, it is a weird night. The house is quiet and empty. I made my normal trash run and found nothing. Went into the beanies room to grab her sheets for the wash and just stood there for a minute thinking about what usually goes on here in the evenings. The carnival of attempting to get the kid to bed. The songs, the books, the master manipulation (on her part). I certainly miss the family. It is kind of tough at work lately when each day I feel like I am fighting to keep my job, to keep my head above water. In early and stay late. I hit the phones and talk for a living who knew how exhausted you could be after sitting in a cube for ten hours. At least I have a glass of wine a kitten on my lap, the mighty apollo by my side, and the manny man sitting on the arm of the sofa. I take a deep breath give a nod to the gods and say goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
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